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Bravo! Translations has been committed to the service quality which it offers, since 1996 and counts upon professional translators, whether they be, in house or freelancers who from their country of origin, work in a highly professional manner, ensuring that translation is always an art.

At the start-up of our company, it was necessary to get to know how the translation market behaved. This need led us to participate in the II Congresso Ibero-Americano de Tradução e Interpretação (II Iberian-American Translation and Interpreting Congress) in São Paulo, organized by UNIBERO (Iberian-American University Center).
The updating of both the platforms we use and the correct use of the words, took us to the 4 Congresso de Tradução e Interpretação do Colégio de Tradutores Públicos de Buenos Aires (The 4th Translation and Interpreting Congress of the Buenos Aires College of Public Translators).
Our company received its Bravo! Prêmio Arete de Literatura: Reference Category – Dicionário Ilustrado da Bíblia (Illustrated Bible Dictionary) - Ronald F.Youngblood and F.F.Bruce & R.K. Harrison – VIDA NOVA.
We are extremely interested in participating in events which involve the translation market, we therefore participated in the I Congresso Internacional de Tradução (1st International Translation Congress) held by ABRATES (Brazilian Translators’ Association), in Rio de Janeiro.
The editions in which Bravo! Translations participates, continue winning awards, this time in the category Graphic Project for the book Filosofia e Cosmovisão Cristã (Christian Philosophy and Cosmovision), published by Edições Vida Nova.
By updating on a daily basis, we appear in the 4th Conference Buenos Aires 2006.

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