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Complete history

Bravo! Translations has been committed to the service quality which it offers, since 1996 and counts upon translators, whether they be, in house or freelancers who from their country of origin, work in a highly professional manner, ensuring that translation is always an art.

The company was created by Hander Heim and Marly Staerke, who are both of Brazilian nationality. Hander, the current director of Bravo!, is a graduated translator and interpreter from São Paulo Adventist University - UNASP and has already made countless translations in different fields, such as: Finance, technology, business marketing, human resources, literary texts, Christian literature and music scores, among others.

Marly, on the otherhand, is a profound lover and versed expert of the Portuguese language who has taken courses of free psychology and is aware of the importance of getting to know our clients well and is always seeking quality through knowledge, for each project. From 2006, we moved on and count now upon Carolina Barrera, as part of our team. She is the marketing and publicity director of Bravo! Translations. Carolina, who is from Colombia, is a graduate from the Jorge Tadeo Lozano University in Bogotá.
She furthermore is a post-graduate in marketing management and has worked in design and graphic diagramming and client care.

Currently many of our clients enjoy the quality which only Bravo! Translations can offer. Our curriculum vitae is the best letter of presentation which we have from so many satisfied clients. You can be sure of the support from people who are committed to your work and projects, every day. For more information please access our curriculum vitae.

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