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1. Initial Revision
An area coordinator receives the project, does the initial revision of the text, avoiding errors in the source text and then sends the project to the translator who is specialized in the corresponding field.
2. Translation
All Bravo! Translations translators have specialized software, electronic dictionaries, (Houaiss, Babylon, Aurélio) and multimedia glossaries, which they can use to do the translation of texts, music, presentations, letters, films and any kind of printed material or audiovisual which your company needs to have translated into another language. You can furthermore send your file in any type of platform - Trados; SDLx; Word; Excel; Powerpoint; Adobe Acrobat Professional; etc.). Bravo! Translations principally translates linguistic pairs in three languages: English, Portuguese and Spanish.
3. Secondary revision
Bravo! Translations does meticulous revisions of each one of the projects received, which once translated, are passed on to a revisor (translator) equally specialized in the field, for checking. This revisor is responsible for correcting and avoiding grammatical, contextual and sense mistakes in your projects.
4. Quality manager
Your project will only be ready when our quality manager approves it. He will be responsible for giving the final approval of each translated project and will give the green light to the area coordinator for the immediate despatch of the project.
5. Post-Edition
Should your project so require, it will go through our last revision stage. Here one corrects the objective text errors (typographical errors and unnecessary spaces, etc.), as well as giving the final touches to diagramming, which ensures that your project is ready to be divulged in the chosen language.
6. Interpreting
If you need to hold a conference in real time, we will help you. Bravo! Translations does interactions via the Internet, between you and your clients, obtaining excellent results, without you having to move from your place of origin. These interactions lead to valued market alliances through conference programs via the Internet and instant messaging.